Hi!, i really need help i tried YouTube but it wont work i really need some help, my manufacturer is Pegatron

Welcome to the Win-Raid Forum!
Without any details about your specific system, about your specific problem and what you have tried to solve it, nobody is able to help you.
By the way - why did you start 2 threads about the same topic ?

I seriously doubt it and suspect, that it were your parents. :grinning:

Good luck!
Dieter (alias Fernando)

Yes… i forgot my computer is windows 10, because i didnt see the tags.

Damm sir… a windows 10 computer …ok, that’s quite vague :face_with_monocle: don’t you think?
Seems that your internal main disk of the computer “kaput” :boom: at first glance…
So no main OS disk no computer to use :scream:

Ohhh… so you meant my Os disk failed?, last thing i did was playing and after i turned it off and then next day… the computer seems to be have a reboot problem.

It looks like it… so time for paying a visit to a tech shop, good luck.

hmm… but i opened the pc i cant see any harm in it

That’s a common reaction from a common user…
They don’t see some Smoke :dash: Blast :boom:… so must be ok… :joy:
sir… this is electronics, not always is seen physical evidence of a failure
If the system wasn’t tampered recently by the user…then this is a simple component failure that needs to be physically swaped, not to lose time on a forum, even more when its common user with no advanced computer knowledge, like it seems your case if i may say so.

EDIT: Yes it should be the main disk… as told before.
Wise decision, good luck, all the best.

Ohh…what component do i need to check incase it failed? is it the harddisk?

Well thanks for the help, i should take it to tech shop, because i i dont want to cause more damage on my pc

Sorry to interrupt but i want to know what is the cause of this.
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Are you attaching an image to your post?