Hi there, some questions about NVMe

Hi ,
I am an owner of a Z9PE-D16 Mainboard and I know that it does not support
NVMe, but I have read the guide about modding the BIOS, with the NVMe module.

Well I already did the work, to mod the BIOS and I think I have flashed it successfully
onto the chip again with “AFUWIN64.EXE <BIOSFILE> /P /B /E”.

My question is,because tomorrow I’ll get a new Intel Optane PCI-E SSD,will the NVMe patched BIOS
work on my board or what will I have to do to make it work ?

@denismu321 :
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You can verify it by entering the BIOS and looking for a listed Disk Drive named PATA_SS (or similar). If you find it, the BIOS has been correctly modded and successfully flashed.

If you really have read the start post of >this< thread, you should know it.

Dieter (alias Fernando)

Hi thank you for your fast answer.
Do I have to look the BIOS option up under Boot options or does that vary ?
Also I will take a look at the Thread you pointed me to.

Thanks ,

You should look into the “Storage Configuration” and “Boot” section of the BIOS (the names of the sections may be slightly different and depend on the mainboard model).

Hi Fernando,

unfortunately I can not see anything like that in the BIOS, but I can see the Intel Optane
under Windows 10.

Perhaps you can flash me how to write the BIOS file with AFUWIN64.EXE.
Because that is the point I am not sure of.
Also the options /GAN do not work with my version of AFUWIN64.

@denismu321 :
I am sorry, but I am not an expert regarding your problem how to properly flash a modded BIOS into the BIOS chip of an ASUS mainboard, which doesn"t support the USB Flashback feature.
Please look into >this< thread, which has been started by our BIOS Guru CodeRush. Within the start post you find his guide.
If you should have further questions, please ask CodeRush by addressing your post to him.

Thank you, I’ll do that.