High care experiment is viable?

My graph 7670m 1gb is composed of these hynix chips, which are 1GB if I change them for a larger one as shown in the list will I have more vram

most have the same consumption and voltage

I looked at a detail more data bus bits more chips of these are, as an example the 1080ti has 11 operational (384bits) mine is 128 (it takes 4 per side of these checked), the rx480 8 of these (256bits)



vBIOS edit probably would be needed, many are only configured to be compatible with certain limited memory IC’s. Definitely timings would need adjusted at the very minimum
IN theory yes, but past that I’ve rarely see anyone do and make it functional (probably due to rarely does anyone try and discuss etc)

in another forum they tell me that with amd before the radeon series there is no problem of limitation, that of the times I lick the attention would have to use some programmer?

pd:have any reference to the estimated cost of changing the 8 chips, so as not to be ripped off

here there is a topic in Russian on the subject with the same gpu, they say that times are more important than the memory that is so true


my GPU uses these chips https://www.skhynix.com/eolproducts.view…=19&rc=consumer

I don’t understand what your first sentence says?

No, sorry, I don’t know what usual charge to replace chips like that would be. Shouldn’t be too much, maybe $50 or less. I assumed you were going to do it.

Yes, timings in vBIOS would probably need adjusted, and you may need to either pick memory the vBIOS is already compatible with, or add compatibility to the vBIOS for the chips you pick (much harder to do, I would pick memory the vBIOS is already compatible with)