High Definition Audio driver problem

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I have a problem with my Intel i3 7300 CPU… I know that Windows 7 does not support this CPU but I read that it is possible to install modified drivers… I found FORCED drivers see here I installed them but there is a device which is not recognized:

How to proceed ? Thanks best regards !

@Sebiohazard :
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To be able to help you, we need some additional information:

  1. Which are the HardwareIDs of the 2 listed “Péripherique High Definition Audio” devices?
    You get them by doing a right-click onto them and choosing the options “Properties” > “Details” > “Property” > "HardwareIDs.
  2. Which system/mainboard with which chipset are you using?

Dieter (alias Fernando)

Hello & thank you for your reply!

My motherboard is an ASUS B250M Plus & here are the requested sreenshots:

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@Sebiohazard :
Thanks for your reply, but it doesn’t contain the HardwareIDs of the related devices. Please re-read my last post carefully.

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I did what you asked me… I don’t have any additional information sorry… the HardwaresIDs do not appear… how to proceed ?

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Is that what you are asking ?


Yes, but I asked for the HardwareIDs of both listed HD Audio devices. Please add the other ones.

Here is the second audio device the one that does not have the exclamation mark… sorry for my English I use Google Translate:

@Sebiohazard :
The HardwareIDs verify, that you have the following on-board HD Audio devices:
1. Intel(R) Display Audio (a matching Win7 x64 driver is maybe available >here<)
2. Realtek High Definition Audio (a matching Win7 x64 driver is maybe available >here<)

Awfully late but nevertheless:
https://drp.su/en/hwids/HDAUDIO%5CFUNC_0…s=windows-7-x64 - Intel(R) Display Audio (should fit exactly the hardware identificator)
1. from Microsoft Update (choose either of them, best recommended getting the latest version)
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. - MEDIA - 2017-04-11 12-00-00 AM -
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. - MEDIA - 2017-01-24 12-00-00 AM -

Hello & thank you for your answers

It does not work because they are official drivers… I am looking for modified drivers because my CPU is not compatible with Windows 7 I have this error message:

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@Sebiohazard :
Here is my comment:
1. Either a driver works with a specific device or not. The usability of an Audio driver depends on the on-board Audio Controller specification and not on the CPU.
2. If a certain driver (= *.SYS file) doesn’t support a specific device at all, a modification of the *.INF file doesn’t help.
3. Why do you insist on using an outdated Operating System, which doesn’t support all modern devices?

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Windows 7 is not obsolete it is Microsoft which made it voluntarily obsolete & it’s really a shame… I don’t like Windows 10 at all, the interface is horrible & austere that’s the reason

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@Sebiohazard I recommend fully uninstalling the drivers for the iGPU + the Intel HD Audio drivers, and clean up the remains via Display Driver Uninstaller in Safe Mode.
Instead of what you were using, try these drivers, courtesy of @DeathBringer (sgned by Mex4x): https://forum.ixbt.com/topic.cgi?id=58:5107:289#289
You download the original x64 driver zip package (win64_15.45.27.5068.zip) from Intel’s site and replace the original files with the modificated ones from the link, and install the drivers. Enabling test mode shouldn’t be necessary according to the author.

Not related to the Intel HD Audio problem, but nevertheless to make the audio be fully working with full features, did you also install the Realtek audio drivers that I have linked to? Did they work?

EDIT: Before doing the full uninstallation, have you also tested the drivers that I have included from drp.su? It seems that you have only tested the drivers that Fernando got from Lenovo’s site. Make sure you do that and install them after uninstalling those unworking intel audio drivers. Tell me the results.

Hello thanks for your help !

I finally found a modified driver on the Windows Seven site here. Do not use setup.exe but install the driver manually !

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