High definition audio drivers

since the start od Windows 10 the system ends up installing automatically Realtek sound drivers and a lot of related useless junk.
I am perfectly satisfied with Microsoft drivers as they work without issues.
is there an option to mod the MS drivers (maybe using a new, recent signature) to stop the automatic update?
I think this might be of help for a lot of "minimalists"

Turn off the WU driver updating first, and then uninstall the Realtek driver from Programs and Features: https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/4827…ndows-10-a.html

Make sure you clear the remains of the Realtek audiodriver from the DriverStore with DriverStoreExplorer afterwards.

Thank you for the reply, re-reading my message I noticed I could have been clearer.
I actually knew how to stop ALL the automatic updates including ALL new drivers.
I normally also use both rapr and ddu to get rid of unwanted drivers.
My request is about stopping just that specific driver update, leaving all other updates enabled.

For my J5005 board i found a so called UAD driver package that is tiny against the usual HDA package.

If you want to hide that specific driver update, either use microsoft’s WUShowHide tool or WuMgr (it’s also great if you want to manage updates just like in 7/8.1; you can also hide update with this tool) after uninstalling this driver, but before restarting