Hooray, Pacman supports our team as Moderator

@ all:
Yesterday plutomaniac and me got the amazing message from our well-known Forum member Pacman, that he is willing to support our Win-RAID Forum team as a Moderator.
That is why I have given him today the advanced Forum rights to do his moderation work.
Pacman joined this Forum already in May 2013, was already decorated with the title "Guru" because of his profound knowledge about the topics of this Forum and has already experiences regarding the moderation/administration of the Station-Drivers Forum.
So I am pretty sure, that he will be a superb team member.

@Pacman :
On behalf of all Forum members I want to thank you for your great offer to help us with the moderation of our Forum.
It is a pleasure for us to work with you - congrats and welcome on board!


Thank you for the kind Words, it will be great to work with you and Plutomaniac as well :slight_smile:

And i can also add that everyone are of course Always welcome to report any spam or other inappropriate posts directly to me and i will respond ASAP.

Great news! Welcome Pacman. Fernando couldn’t have put it in a better way but from my behalf as well, thank you for offering to assist.