How can I add NVME support in HM86 Chipset for Toshiba Satellite P70 (PSPLPA-A0LX040)

I have 2 years old Toshiba P70 (PSPLPA-A0LX040) laptop and want to add and boot from Samsung 950 Pro M2 Pcie SSD.

This is what I know about this laptop

It has HM86 chipset with Insyde bios v1.6
It has UEFI
I have used Phoneix/Insyde Tool to view the bios and found that there is nothing mentioned for NVME
Widnows 10

1 * SATA III - Used (1 * 1TB Hybrid HDD with 8GB SSD)
1 * msata (Pcie)
1 * Pcie (WLAN) / May use if required
1 * Nvedeia 720M Graphics Card (Don’t know what slot it is using currently as its on the bottom of the board)
4 * USB 3.0
HM86 as Pcie * 3.0 with 16 lanes
I can use one of the Pcie slots used by (WLAN) or Graphics card for the 950 Pro SSD with a Pcie to M2 converter adaptor

What I need help with is:
How to mod Insyde bios in HM86 chipset to add NVME
How to mod Insyde bios in HM86 chipset to add RAID with USB3.0 if required
Will HM86 support to boot from Samsung 950 Pro SSD
If a convertor adaptor for PCIE 3.0 to M2 NGFF is available for laptop, as its available for a desktop

Any help will be appreciated.

Apology if I have not created the thread in an appropriate category, in that case please feel free to update the link