How can I change SSD Disk1 to SSD Disk0

On my laptop Asus, HDD is Disk0.
I have installed Windows on SSD but Recovery Partition is on HDD (Disk0), also EFI System Partition.
My laptop has only one SATA port so I cannot change to other port SATA.
In BIOS settings in SATA configuration I have only two options, AHCI and Intel RST Premium, no Disable option.
Can you help me, how can I change SSD to Disk0 ?

Reinstall windows, with only one disk installed (SSD)

Ok, thank you for reply!

You’re welcome! Hope that helps, and that you were already at clean install, so new clean install isn’t too much more hassles

Alternatively, you could use the drive options during setup to delete all of the drive partitions…then whichever drive you setup windows on will become HD0. You just need to be sure to delete all of the partitions from the other drive before running the install. otherwise windows will continue to use the information from the other drive’s system partitions…it would work just fine but I could never live with it.