How can I connect this PCI card?

My motherboard is old and its USB very slow.

I just bought a PCI card like this

hoping to have good USB 3.0 ports.
but I do not know how to connect it. I expected to find an explanatory document, but there is nothing.

Clearly I have to plug it in a PCI slot. I’ll with try several to see which one is faster.
And it’s clear that the white connector must be used to plug the power supply.

But what about the SATA connector ?. Is it supposed to be connected to the hard drive or to the motherboard?
And, what is the big black connecto? It has 2 rows of pins, one with 10 and another 9.


All you have is a CD with these drivers without explanation.
AX88179, ASM1042 USB3.0, USB3.0 FL1100-, USB3.0 NEC720202 (01), USB3.0 TO VGA FL2000-, VL805 (VL806)
Should I install it?

There is a CD with drivers:
AX88179, USB3.0 ASM1042, USB3.0 FL1100-, USB3.0 NEC720202(01), USB3.0 TO VGA FL2000-, VL805(VL806)
Do I need to install them all? I’, using Windows 10

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@ skan:

You obviously have done an interesting purchase: Neither the manufacturer of the card nor the vendor of the USB 3.0 Controller is mentioned anywhere.

This is what I would do:
1. Inswer the card inta a suitable PCIe slt.
2. Boot into Won10 and look into the “USB Controllers” section of the DeviceManager.
3. Check the HardwareIDs of the listed Controllers.
4. If Win10 doesn’t have automaticly installed a working USB 3.0 driver for the USB 3.0 Controller of your PCIe card, install the driver manually according the VendorID and DeviceID you found out at step 3.

Good luck!

The chipset is Renesas.
But I can’t use it yet because I don’t have the proper power connector.