How can i extract EC firmware from AMI Aptio bios ?

I want to update my ec firmware.i will extract it from another bios.
How can i do this ?

edit:the ec firmware updating is about mobile

What do you mean with "your ec Firmware"?
What is "ec" and which mainboard do you have?

Embedded Controller, usually accompanied by KBC. It controls specific laptop functions such as temperature/fan control, power profiles, keyboard shortcuts, illumination, special keys etc.

EC is extremely system-specific. Don’t mess with it unless you are looking for a nice brick. It’s not like BIOS modules, there is no “oh it kind of works” but “oh, I bricked my system because I changed 1 byte”. The only reason you might want to “update” it is by extracting it from a newer SPI image of the exact same laptop. And you have no reason to do that really since you can flash that latest “BIOS” yourself which will update the EC/KBC firmware alongside depending on the model/oem of course.

I know I had to do that on a Clevo system because that OEM releases EC firmware separately but it was meant for that exact laptop, nothing else (not even “similar”). I wrote a “noob” guide a year ago regarding my laptop and can be found HERE.