How can I freeze a python script using PyInstaller?

HI @plutomaniac how i convert your pythons files in .exe
from this github (

i try using this command = pyinstaller --onefile
but dont work. one click in the new.exe and console its close :frowning: :frowning: . please help me to convert your .py files to .exe
im trying to convert and the .exe open and close instantely. I’m trying to get the new .exe to open properly but it opens and closes very quickly and I can’t read anything


and i try using the command = auto-py-to-exe and wont work

Get the full package and extract it to a work folder.

pyinstaller --noupx --onefile

AMI BIOS Guard Extractor v4.0_a12.rar (6.9 MB)

im trying . dont work
I try it and it doesn’t work for me. I mean with other .py I could convert them to exe but in this case not with these specific ones and I don’t know why

i have python 3.12

You can use my scrips (560 Bytes)

the same problem. :frowning:

Very “informative” details provided… im sure that anyone can figure it out, just like that… the details of your “Problem”

EDIT: No “brother” i dont ave a clue WHAT have you done HOW have you done and HOW/STATE of Python is on your system.
And 'brother" by now you should already know that THERE IS NO OTHER “brothers” besides a family tie, so choose a decent translator cause i do hate these kind of employment of this words.

A compiled EXE was shared by me on my previous post, if this one doesn’t work you… don’t blame the system, you know who to blame.

AMI_PFAT_Extract.rar (6.8 MB)
this its the file i convert to .py to .exe and wont open.

Do you have any idea brother what the problem could be with converting a python to an executable?
i try to convert all Plato Mavropoulos BIOS UTILITIES in .EXE. and i cant :frowning:

Get the full package and extract it to a work folder.

pyinstaller --noconfirm --onefile --console

For me???..
Thank you for sharing…but the issues reported by other users here, do not apply to me, i know my own ways.