How can i install Windows 7 in GOP?

I have a Acer Aspire ES1-132 with a HD 500,and i want to install Windows 7,but it hangs on Starting Windows screen,anyone knows how can i install Windows 7 on that PC?

@rodrisbx :
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According to >this< thread of the Acer Community Forum it is possible to get Win7 installed onto your device, but obviously not in UEFI mode.
By the way: What means “in GOP” within your chosen topic title?
Dieter (alias Fernando)

I mean Graphics Output Protocol,but my device don´t have Legacy mode…l-gop-hardware/

Thanks but, the problem is that my pc don’t have the video driver for windows 7

Try this ( -…
And you can use latest ( by changing inf-file.

Try this ( -…
And you can use latest ( by changing inf-file.

Can I boot on uefi mode using that?

I recommend OP to also check this thread fully, since there are some answers that might help him with what he’s going to do:…hout-csm.79551/

Try it.

I’ve installed Win7 successfully on my laptop which lacks CSM/Legacy. I’ve wrote a guide on how to do it, the steps work for any UEFI computer, you may need a different video driver depending on your device:…-laptop.829379/