How can i sign driver?

as in title, i wonder how can i sign driver

This is not as easy as you may think. Modern MS Operating Systems accept only digital signatures, which were given by a trustworthy Company.

  1. You can buy certificate for driver signing.
  2. You can generate such certificate by yourself and put Windows to test mode (in this mode it accepts drivers signed by a self-generated certificates, but some features such as Secure Boot will be disabled)
  3. You can sign driver with certificate leaked from trustworthy company. There is such a certificate in a recent Nvidia source code leak. But over time, Microsoft can add it to the list of banned certificates.

2 and 3 may conflict with some anti-cheats. For example, battleye anti-cheat already recognizes drivers signed by this leaked NVIDIA certificate.

I guess i can use NVIDIA cert, im not playing any new games anyways.