How can I use a CH341A programmer on a 3.3V chip without soldering anything onto the adapter?

I bricked my GPU and need to reflash the BIOS, which is on an FM25F02A chip. Unfortunately, the voltage range for this chip is 2.3 to 3.6V, so I can’t use my CH341 programmer nor the 1.8v adapter included. I looked up guides for using it with 3.3v chips, but they involve soldering stuff to the CH341A, and I don’t have a soldering kit. Is there any adapter available which converts the 5v into 3.3v so it can be used?

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Great question about voltages… unfortunately I have no answer.

What about jumper ? Don’t you think it may solve the problem if it is set into position 2-3 ???

have you another vga for flash bios like secondary?

From what I know, those mini programers already operates at 3.3v. Just use the programer and the clips included and all will be fine.

Here is the schematic of the programer if it helps…iprogrammer.png