How could a motherboard self-update its ME?

Motherboard: ASUS Maximus IX Apex
I tried to flash Maximus X Apex’s BIOS into Maximus IX Apex.
Of course,it wouldn’t boot.Debug 00 and suddenly shut down.
I modded BIOS with ME 11.7,and it booted.It booted!BOOTED!
When finished initialization,it rebooted!It rebooted?REBOOTED!
Again,it booted,but turned into a mode which is strange for me.
A few words on the screen:"ME is updating."WHAT?UPDATING?
And with second BIOS empty,it self-updated its ME to Ver 11.8.
I couldn’t find out what happened when it showed those words.
My second BIOS have been cleaned and checked!Empty at all.
Where could it save an ME Region which is about 2 MBytes?
Or someone could teach me how to solve this problem?

Why are you cross-flashing SPI/BIOS images between a Z270 and a Z370 board? ASUS restores the stock CSME region for security reasons (Intel-SA-00086) via a Raw section with GUID 63F23E9D-5FDA-415E-9C2A-64C4E2A6ECE8. It includes compressed backups of the Flash Descriptor, GbE & CSME firmware.

Thanks for your reply~I deleted it.

Please let us know if you get a CFL chip working on the IX!

Using Maximus X Apex’s BIOS with ME11.7, it was unable to use AURA and SLI.
Using Maximus IX Apex’s BIOS with ME11.7, something wrong with ai tweaker make it unable to overclock.

You need to point out that that this problem can only be with 8600k and 8700k. because the rest of all CFL models (8100/8350k/8400) work perfectly, this is already checked by me.
These 8600k and 8700k I will also check, as soon as there is such an opportunity.
PS. naturally, no contacts on the processor are to be sealed.

I hope you can try to flash Maximus X Apex’s BIOS if you have a chance.
Something about overclocking must be improved in Maximus X Apex’s BIOS.
I could DIRECTLY boot in DDR4 4500 with other settings all auto.
Maybe you could reach a higher frequency,if you are lucky enough.
In Maximus IX Apex’s BIOS,I MANUALLY set it to DDR4 4200 and failed.
Debug 55…

plutomaniac Interesting tid-bit here, thank you, first I’ve seen this! Can a flag for this be added to ME Analyzer, for MEA to make user aware of this additional copy in any file dropped into MEA, even as a hidden option/flag for modders to use when necessary?
Additionally, do you know what happens if we modify this GUID RAW, to change it to another ME FW version or unlock FD if locked, does that get flashed into board?
Ahaha, using security feature to circumvent security

It used to exist at older MEA versions (<= v1.51.2) but I’m not bringing it back. It used UEFIFind, was slow and inaccurate/GUID-based. I don’t remember what happened when modified. Maybe the version was cross-referenced with AMITSE or similar. I think ASUS is using some other motherboard controller for this nowadays.