How Do I Find The AGESA Version In An AMD BIOS?

I need to see the version of the AGESA and what patch it is. SMU Checker only shows the version, not what patch.

Here is the BIOS here.…iew?usp=sharing

@KedarWolf - What motherboard is this, so I can keep BIOS in proper named folder and not have to re-download it later for someone else, thanks.
I see ComboAM4v2PI in SMUC.exe, and then all the SMU versions. Is that first one not the AGESA version?

In Setup PE32 and maybe a another place or two, I see AGESA!V9 ComboAM4v2PI
Is that V9 what you’re after maybe? If not, sorry, I don’t know how else to check for that, other than in BIOS maybe, or with some tool like HWINFO64 or AIDA64 possibly
Ask over at OCN in the AMD section, surely someone will be able to tell you there.

B550 Unify-X Bios A.05O not officially released yet by MSI.

Usually, they have like Patch C, Patch D or whatever. That’s what I’m trying to figure out.

Edit: I’m buying this board but don’t have it yet, so can’t use HWInfo or anything.

Thanks for the model info. Also, thanks for patch example, I am Intel user, so had no clue what to look for.
So I guess V9 isn’t it, I’ll look again and see if I see any A/B/C/D etc. I did see TP a lot after AGESA, but I don’t think that’s it.
It may not be stored in the files/modules, maybe just be something they apply/mention on paper arbitrarily after the main version based on build/compile dates or known internal stuff/version notes etc?

Might be, not sure.

@Lost_N_BIOS , Maybe this will help:

Typically Agesa versions are called out like the below txt in bios release notes :

Updated AGESA RomePI to based on 5.14_RomeCrb_0ACMK012.