How do I fine a compatible motherboard for this?

Hey team,

I recently purchased this ( m.2 X16 TO 4X NVME PCIE3.0, without bifucation I cannot get it to work with my older motherboards:

ASUS p8Z77-V Pro

I am looking for a cheapish upgrade to get this NVME PCI card to work, what do I look for in a motherboard to ensure I can use this card and use RAID on this card?

@Darwinn :
Since your request is hardware and not driver related, I have moved the thread into the "Off Topic" Sub-Forum.
Why did you buy the 4xM.2 NVMe PCIe card? In my eyes it is not worth to buy a new/other mainboard, CPU and DRAM modules to be able to use the add-on PCIe card.
Maybe you will be able to get an Intel RST NVMe RAID array working with your X99 Chipset MSI mainboard, but I am not sure about it.
Good luck!