How do I get rid of the Intel driver???

I tried the Intel AHCI driver. Ok, it auto-detects when I plug in an HDD in. But it doesn’t allow me to eject the HDD when I have done my backup, so I have to leave it plugged in for 30 minutes before I unplug it and plug the next HDD in for backup. Just to be sure all data has been written. That sucks.

How do I get rid of the Intel driver and go back to Windows’ driver?

(The Windows driver also sucks - I can eject but it doesn’t recognise the fact when I plug a new HDD in.

Neither Microsoft nor Intel can write a driver that can both eject and auto-detect a new drive. What is wrong with them???

The main task of a storage driver is not the support of an easy and safe removal or connection of different HDDs/SSDs while running a Operating System.
If you are searching for a tool, which is specialized in safely removing/connecting different drives, you may try the tool named HotSwap! (>LINK<).