How do I know if my ssd is mlc or tlc?

Hello everyone, I would like to know if there is any program to know if my disk is 2-bit MLC or 3-bit. Attached is a screenshot of Hard Disk Sentinel. If you can help me to find this out with some advanced program and guiding me I would be very grateful. Best regards.

Edit by Fernando: Since the title question has much more to do with the SSD itself than with the used storage driver, I have moved the thread into the better matching “Solid State Drives” Sub-Forum.


You can try those utilities, choose your controller correctly only.


Thank you very much. But I don’t know anything about this. What should I download and how to use? Something that will not damage the operating system, just to know if it is 2-bit or 3-bit. Best regards.

Sorry, SSD isn`t my intresting, there all simply.

Then I’ll wait for another user to help me.

Your Samsung SSD seems to be an MLC chiptype one. As you can see >here< and >here<, this model is offered as an MLC SSD.

Thank you very much, but the sales places do not give me much confidence because, according to what people say, Samsung is very deceitful when it comes to marketing. Best regards.

On the other hand the customers are very sensitive, if a merchant lies about the specifications/features of a certain product.

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