How do you add device id to video drivers

Forgive me if this has been discussed before but was wondering how do you add a device id and mod an old video card driver? For example take an Amd 570 card driver and make it run on a 6800 xt.


Provided, that the driver itself (= *.SYS file) supports the related OS and the specific graphics adapter at all, you simply can add the missing HardwareIDs into the related parts of the *.inf file. After having done that you may have to give the modded driver a new digital signature.
By the way - you can test yourself, whether the desired driver is usable with the specific, natively not supported adapter by forcing the driver installation (using the “Have disk” button and ignoring the message you get, that the device may not work).

So you don’t even need a digital signature if you force it with “Have Disk”? Otherwise you need to create a digital signature. How do you create or add a new digital signature in that case?

Thanks Fernando for replying…


A digital driver signature is generally reqired while running a modern Windows OS, but there is no need to modify any driver file, if
a) the *.sys file supports the related device and
b) the driver installation has been forced.
My system drive is a Samsung 980 Pro NVMe SSD. Although its NVMe Controller is natively not supported by the currently latest Samsung NVMe driver v3.3.0.2003 WHQL, it is no problem to get the untouched driver installed and properly working while running Win11 v22H2.
Most interesting: The Device Manager shows the Samsung NVMe driver as being WHQL certified by Microsoft (although the DeviceID of the specific NVMe Controller is not listed within its *.INF file)!

As always - I delete the original *.cat file and create a new one.

Thats good to know. There should be a wiki or pin or how to do so as I am sure you already must have one. Thank you.

BTW: Need to search a folder recursively for the device id of my video card. There use to be a utility that would recursively search. Can’t remember its name…


If you want to know the DeviceID of an inserted/attached device while running any Windows OS, open the Device Manager, expand the related device section, do a right-click onto the listed device and choose the options “Properties” > “Details” > “Property” > “HardwareIDs”.

I know that part. Thats easy. Problem I am having more specifically is that a piece of software I am using has a videocard white list I am trying to locate and hack. Thought I would search its program folder for the hardware id though may have to take little endian formating when searching.