how extract .fd of file scap?

hi guys,i need extract files .fd of the files scap apple,thanks

@k-pax :
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It is not easy to understand what you mean. What is “scap apple”? For which mainboard is the *.fd file you want to extract?
Usually the file extension *.fd indicates, that it is an Insyde BIOS. Insyde BIOSes can be opened by andyp’s PhoenixTool (look >here<).

Dieter (alias Fernando)

Usually with 7-zip. It depends on the file though as Apple has changed the way they give their EFI images lately. What exact file from here?

the update of apple have file .fd (bios) and scap,i need desencriptar this is scap

hi (1.81 MB) (1.81 MB)

or file dmg de mac how extract?

You should better post your request into a MAC specific Forum like >this< one.
As our Forum name indicates, our experts concentrate their work in BIOSes of Windows PCs and not in Firmware of Apple systems.

Some tips here :…are-without-OSX (how to extract startup sound)

DMG extractor :

As i know, .scap can be open with Andy’s Phoenix Tools, see here:…are-volume-map/

Latest Andy’s Phoenix Tool here :…Dell-EFI-BIOSes

what does LOCKED mean in the filename
also how to convert scap to fd
then how to flash scap files? thx