How to back up bios region in Insyde H2O rev 5.0

Hello dear forumers!!!
I am really appriciate communication with you. May I ask you please?

How can I dump (back up) my insyde h20 bios?
I try use h20fft <file name> -O or -G but console says that me region is locked and stop creating backup.
It will be great if this program has function like
fpt -d <filename> -BIOS and backup only bios region
FPT does not support insyde platform :frowning:

May be h20fft or h20uve has optional keys to back up bios region.
How can I do this with Insyde utilities?
I don’t need to unlock me region I wish to back up bios region only.
I have read readme but find only how to dump full bios.
Or may be there are other utilities that support Insyde H20 setup utility 5.0?
Please help me.

Insyde Utilities can be found here:

My laptop: Acer es1-132-p7ja
Bios:1.15 Insyde H2O rev 5.0

Thanks in advance!!!