How to backup NVram Bcfg boot entries and restore?


Was wondering if its possible to backup the Nvram custom boot entries? I have a number of custom entries I created with Bcfg in a shell. This is a Z68 and kind of an old system. Afraid that if I update my bios all my entries in nvram could get reset and then end up with a non booting system. Putting them back one by one is a pain.


Do they appear in saved SPI dumps? If yes, then you could probably carry over from one BIOS version to next newer with MMTool or UEFITool.

Honestly I do not know. I did a little research and there are two efi programs from Win XP that might help do that. One is called NVRboot.efi and the other is Bootcfg.efi They are located on Win Xp - 64 and Server 2003 - 64. Just need to find them now…


Do you have flash programmer? If not, have you checked if you can dump this boards SPI in full with Intel FPT? If you can get full dump without error, or have a programmer to get a dump, you can compare the NVRam entries from stock BIOS against your dump by extracting them and then compare in hex.
You might not be able to see if exact settings are saved or not, but you should be able to get an idea if you think they might be. Then if they might be, simply test swapping out the saved dump into a clean BIOS (Same BIOS version for first test) and then flash or program that and see if saved settings are there or not.

Should be really easy to figure out if it’s possible that way if you have a programmer, so no risk of bricking BIOS with bad test BIOS.

I may not be thinking about the same thing you are? I thought maybe you meant saved BIOS profiles, like light overclock 1, custom stock profile, massive overclock 3, etc.