How to Build UUID/MAC/SN with motherboard's stickers ?

Hi Guys,

I have 2 motherboards (Asus Z87-A and Asrock Z77 Extreme 4) bricked after a “Afudos” flash (with GAN Option) for the Z87-A and an “Instant flash” for the Z77.

I recovered bios with CH341A programmer and i see that the region FD44820B-F1AB-41C0-AE4E-0C55556EB9BD (SMBiosFlashData) is empty for both.

For both i don’t have bios backup, only motherboard’s stickers.

How fix them ?

@lfb6 : Thanks, I try on asus motherboard. If i understand correctly FD44Editor works only for Asus motherboards ?

Ok, i modified bios with FD44Editor but the Asus motherbaords don’t run. I don’t understand where is the mistake

I ask for your help because I can’t find the solution. (5.35 MB) (5.35 MB)

@cgm What are these two files you attached? Are these dumps of the bricked ASUS bios, one with added information with FD44? If the board specific information is stored some place doesn’t matter too much. Board should boot with neutral bios, too.

You’re sure that your backups are correct and complete readouts of the SPIs?

Your bios dump seems corrupted, it’s recognized as version 2103 but the relevant parts of the bios region aren’t identical to stock ASUS bios 2103.

Next steps would be
- take a new backup of the bios chip, compare it bitwise to the backup you did earlier (HxD). If they’re identical, it’s OK, if not you’ll need to make a 100% proper backup.

- When you have a correct backup, download the stock Asus bios, remove the capsule (UEFItoolNE), file should be exactly 8 MB, and flash this file into the chip with the programmer. This should make your system boot again.

For the Asrock board there’s no difference. Asrock has also a complete bios for download (at least 3.0) - make sure you have a correct backup, flash the stock bios, check if it boots again.

Restoring board specific would come next if everything else does work.

@lfb6 Ok, i see my mistake. Both motherboard works. Thanks :wink:

On Z77, MAC Adress is correct, i don’t know for UUID and S/N

On Z87, i don’t have operating system at the moment (I don’t know if it’s possible to see this information with UBCD or an other software on an usb key)

Good to hear! So for the Asus board you can restore information with FD44.

For Asrock there’s at least a tool for the mac address:

Otherwise one would have to look into an older backup/ dump of this bios. Regarding finding/ restoring board specific information Lost_N_BIOS has very much knowledge but unfortunately he’s not been here in more than a week- hope he’s doing well!