how to bypass security compliance check on Intel server boards?

as title.

I’ve modified my board BIOS to include support for NVMe but I can’t flash it. I look at the options for iflash32 and no option/parameter seems to be suitable for force firmware update.


PS. I’ve looked around the board and the BIOS chip seems to be the SOIC variety. At the very least I cannot find a DIP chip.

Edit1: the firmware has an extension of .cap. Thanks

Edit2: link to board firmware:…t?product=61088

I’ve downloaded this file and there’s only 1 .cap file but it careers for multiple boards

First, open the BIOS in UEFITool and right click the “Capsule” and extract “Body” to get .rom file.

Then you may need to use one of these methods for flashing modified BIOS if it’s AMI underneath the hood.
[Guide] How to flash a modded AMI UEFI BIOS
[Guide] Flashing modified AMI Aptio UEFI using AFU

If those fail, you may need to get a programmer, then dump original BIOS, edit that, and then program that back to the board. Some Intel BIOS that is the only way to edit and flash others you can flash easier, all depends on the BIOS.
Post a download link to your BIOS so we can check to see what is best way to edit and flash.

And post image of your board, or link to manufacturer or online sales pages so we can look at images and tell you which is BIOS chip.

Edited first post to include link to board firmware. Thanks a lot!

The BIOS and BMC are on separate chips on this board, and you will need to desolder them (or jumper over) to flash with any CH341A method like you mentioned in the other thread.
You’d need an adapter like this - Or here, choose SOP16 to DIP8 -
Or jumper cable like this if you want to try without desoldering -

There is too many versions and board variants on the link you gave, please give me a direct link to the actual BIOS you download to use, then I can look. * Thanks, I got it after your edit!
From a quick glance reading around, your best bet is to do the programming with a programmer, then you don’t have to worry about any security checks, but you will need a 100% working BIOS file.

Many software versions for CH341A in the CH341A thread, you’ll need to try several versions possibly, until you get one that reads and then verifies 100% match (Chip and buffer match)
Then save that file, do that for both chips on your board, make sure you have 100% verified match backup before you write anything to either chip.
You should be able to tell which chip is BIOS and which is BMC, one contains ME too, but they should be labeled.

Can you please link to your exact board manual, so I can check what all jumpers are on the board, to see if FD/Service Mode, Programming Mode/ME Disable etc jumpers are available on the board.
If you have a jumper like service mode, you may be able to disable security checks that way.

* Edit again - I still need to know your exact board model also, this BIOS package contains BIOS images for 10+ motherboards.
Never mind, I see those are the FRU updates for various boards, still need model to lookup manual though, thanks!

* Edit - this is AMI Aptio 4 BIOS type, you can open BIOS (R02.06.E006.cap) in UEFITool, right click on the first entry (Capsule) choose extract body. That will get you the .bin file you can flash without it being encapsulated.
Example with images of this is shown in this guide, in the Asrock section -[Guide] How to flash a modded AMI UEFI BIOS

Flash that bin with AFU (and be sure to use -savemac flag when issuing flash commands).
And always, be sure to get a backup first! >> afuwin.exe backupBIOSname.bin /0

Here is AFU guide - [Guide] Flashing modified AMI Aptio UEFI using AFU

And you may be best off to wait until you have programmer and adapters in hand, and working verified backups from both flash rom chips on the board made with the programmer before flashing anything.
This way you are not sitting around waiting for a programmer to arrive while your board is bricked and useless until the programmer arrives.

Edited first post again. Thanks!

Basically 1 .cap file that caters for several board models

Hi, someone has a backup of the bmc flash for a intel server s2600cp4, to program it using ch341a?