How To Change Ami Bios İnterface Msi Logo?

I know very little english sory.


How can I remove the logo in the marked place?

Board Model msi b250m pro vd

It is a background image ,if you have ability to modify image.
I think it can be replace.

Could you tell me how to change the picture?

Photoshop or other image process software.
You need do image edit.

How do I add this picture ROM?

Probably you have to dump the BIOS with UEFIDump_0.1.6_win.exe and search for the picture. In my Asus Bios it was the file Section_Raw_CC5840D2_D8EA_459E_BAF4_349AC710EBBE_body.bin

thank you for your response
Could you share a link to download the software you mentioned?