How to change splash screen MSI H67ma e35-B3

Current Splash Screen is really awful and want to change it.

@Greeny - Which BIOS are you using now? I will help you change it
Please link from this page, or tell me the name like 11c or 13.2 etc

*Edit - you mean this one correct?


I’m using 13.2,and that’s the splash screen.

@Greeny - OK, here is 13.2 BIOS extracted, and the tool you use to change the splash screen, and the stock splash screen file, I would keep replacement file to same dimensions, size (kb) and format (jpg / 8bit / RBG)
Leave BIOS name same as it is now, to flash with BIOS built in flash app.

If you have hardware flash programmer, then you can test higher quality or other format (32bit/CMYK/indexed etc) images, but I would not do that unless you are ready to recover from bad flashed BIOS.