How to change the MB ID of an Asus Fx505DT (AFUWIN Error 18)?

everytime I want the change my mainboard id it says error 18 secure flash rom verify fail do you know how can I solve this

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@Symo : Welcome to the Win-RAID Forum!
Why do you want to change the ID of your mainboard? Is the shown ID wrong?
Dieter (alias Fernando)

because I am banned from a game and I have wrong banned I have no cheats open and I see a topic says removing hwid ban I am gonna give this method a chance but I tried everything I passed error 18 but I am getting error 22

@Symo :
Are you sure, that it is the ID of your mainboard, which has been blacklisted? Usually the IP address of a user will be banned.
Do you really want to risk a bricked BIOS just for the option to play a certain game?

Yeap I am banned from valorant got hwid banned without cheating

DO you haber any solutions that solve error 22 or hwid spoof

@Symo : Do you really believe, that anyone here will help you to undermine your banishment?

You Are right