How to change the OEM Logo

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I recently bought an ASROCK Taichi Motherboard , as I checked the BIOS Settings it has an Option for Addon Boot Image but there is no software to utilize it , is there anyway to change the default ASROCK Boot Splash Screen with Different Logo ?

This motherboard uses “AMI Aptio V” I tried to edit the BIOS but I didn’t found the image …

I attached the Latest version of BIOS …

Waiting for your answers Thank you !! (7.74 MB)

after a little bit research I found the answer … so as participation in this good forum I will share my research to all other members …

First you need to download this package ( I put together )

First make sure Your System already upgraded with the same version of BIOS which you are going to modify and re-flash !!

Download the Modification Package

UnRAR the file and you will have two folders ,

Run the ChangeLogo.exe from Splash Changer ( this is the AMI latest version of Change Logo Supports the APTIO V ), the rest is clear depends on your Motherboard capability you can Modify the BIOS default Splash Screen with even HD JPEG file … program default setting is 800x600 Photo

After you saved the file modified BIOS file

re-flash it using the latest version of APTIO V Compatible AFUWIN which is included in my package ( 32bit and 64bit )

Just load the Modified Flash File in the AFUWIN ( don’t touch any other options … just leave it on default setting , it just re-program the main program which contains the Splash Screen )

Before you Hit the Flash, MAKE SURE YOU STOPPED YOUR ANTIVIRUS AND OTHER EXTRA PROGRAMS , ALSO DURING THE PROCEDURE PROGRAM MAY FREEZE , DON’T PANIC !! OR DO A HARD REST !! , Just wait a few seconds and after finished simply restart your windows and you will see the changes

It works on all the APTIO 5 based motherboards , ( new 2011-3 motherboards ) …

I am so happy got rid of that ugly ASROCK logo

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@Dyspraxia :
Welcome at Win-RAID Forum and congratulations, that you solved your problem yourself!

You are happy on a very high level. There are other users, who cannot even boot into their OS…

Enjoy your new Boot Splash Screen!
Dieter (alias Fernando)


i would like to change my boot logo

it s an AMI aptio 4 bios
oem is ASUS

it is using fancystart feature (don t know much about it and there s an app that should do this job but it does not run on my pc)
Using mmtool 4.50 i found PostLogo and i extracted it as uncompressed, but this is not an image, or anyway it seems to be image + other Asus stuff (fancystart??)
There s a line "PostLogo.pdb", again, no info for this.

My boot logo is the word ASUS
There s also an option to animate the logo with a fade effect. (probably the PostWave module in MMTool)
I was only able to extract 2 images with the AMI logo but these images are not shown in gui or boot.

Thanks (1.11 MB)

Hello kyl~~
I try to analyse you provided bios ,and i found some image files and wave file.
Maybe you can try to replace of them, file name also is efi module name.

Here is link.!joJRUB7J!FWSn0ZqppXD3p…wlV6EzAGyPEwGEE



how can i replace them?

i m using MMTOOL
i found the static logo and the gif logo (extract as uncompressed, is it ok?)
i removed the header(?) with an hex editor and renamed to .bmp and .gif and now the images can be opened

my questions are:
Do i need to readd the header(?) ? (see attachment)
What if my image is bigger? Could it break the BIOS? (in size and/or resolution)


Screenshot (1).png

How do you animate the bootlogo?

It s a gif with 6 frames.
I just opened that gif and replaced the 6 layers(photoshop).

I did not flashed the bios yet because i m not sure i did this correctly and i don t know what happen if the bios cannot read the image

Ps: there s an option in my bios to use the animated logo. I think there s no way to animate a logo if your bios does not support it.

static and animated, and the pc is still booting.

i ll make a small tutorial :slight_smile:


Any idea how to create an animated boot logo for Bios and UEFI Bios? I did some research, but there is really not much about it… .

What I found is that animated boot logos are stored as "xbmp" files (?) Did not find any program that can open/create such files… .
Also, when a uefi bios has a static boot logo (jpg), is it even possible to replace a static boot logo to an animated one?
Is it possible to add a boot sound (wav) for UEFI Bios?

Kind Regards,

I tried to change the boot logo of the Bios file here:…ownload&os=BIOS
I tried it with MMtool 5.x and 4.5 and with changeLogo without success. According to ChangeLogo there is no picture in that image and with mmtool I can not find any module with “logo” or something else in its name.
Can someone please help me?


I’m trying to change OEM logo of my Y11B Notebook. It has an AMI Bios and I’m using Change Logo v5.0.0.2 (I cannot find the more recebt version). Everytime time I try to save the image Change_Logo gets stuck. Please help Here is the Bios and Image I’m trying to replace with.

Image :

so i’ve got a aptio v bios that im trying to change the splash logo on and after flashing the logo is just blank but it shows if i extract the file from the bios afterwards? not really sure what is wrong with it.
the file is called logo.bmp in the bios tree when looking at it in uefitools but the file identifies as a jfif jpeg when scanning it with the trid file type identifier. that and it has to be 118kb or less to fit in the bios image so bmp seems unlikely.

anyone have any ideas?

@Faran :
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I am sorry for my delayed reply and I am sorry, that I cannot help you myself (due to the fact, that I am not an expert regarding your request).
Anyway I hope, that you will get support by somebody else.

Dieter (alias Fernando)

I’m not sure, but I think that changelogo is just for UEFI bios, while you can use MMtool to replace the boot logo in non UEFI bioses; it seems that you removed your bios file, if you want I can check it…

@Mechcondrid :
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Since your problem has nothing to do with the UBU tool (the OEM Logo cannot be updated by this tool), I have moved your request into this better matching thread and hope, that you will get some support by anyone among our experts.

Dieter (alias Fernando)

i cant do that unfortunately as it is a prema mod bios and he has strict rules on keeping the bios files off the web or anywhere but the system it was installed on by the OEM

i can screen shot the uefitool window with the sections to do with the logo expanded if that helps.

or if you dont mind just explaining what your looking for i can likely do it, i’m not a stranger to bios editing just this is the first one i’ve touched in the aptio V flavor so its all a little different than what im used to

Thanks man I managed to update the Logo by extracting the module using MMTool and after updating replacing it back in.

I’m new to the Forum, I’m having trouble editing Logo bios for this notebook.
Link to download bios!U4JFSSoR!KNqv8XmIBaAmw…M1nbiE0Cs1f2dvk

what can I do?

EDIT by Fernando: Thread title renamed to open it for other users, who want to edit their BIOS Logo

@JKinfotech :
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Unfortunately I cannot help you myself, because I am not an expert regarding this kind of BIOS modding. Nevertheless I hope, that anyone else will give you support.
Anyway you should keep in mind: The BIOS modification itself is not risky at all, but flashing a modded BIOS into a Mobile system may end with a bricked device.
It is your decision, whether the chance of another BIOS Logo is worth the risk of a bricked laptop.

Good luck!
Dieter (alias Fernando)