How to create an image drive for the XP941

Hello to everyone!

My concern is on how to create an image of my Windows 8.1 Pro install in my Samsung XP941 Pci-e M.2 SSD.

This is what I have done so far, I have Acronis 2012 on a USB don’t remember if it’s set as UEFI or legacy, but so far my ASUS X99 Deluxe UEFI don’t let boot with this USB and before I had the PCI-e card install I could use this USB to boot and create image of any Window install that I had, if I pull the PCI-e out then I can boot from the USB. With the card on I have try to disable CSM on and off and no luck, I even disable the secure key (unload) and no luck as well.

Now I question is can I do this image with the Windows 8.1 software?, but in my case the pci-e m.2 that I have is a 512GB and spare drive is 256GB would can Windows back up to this smaller drive and be able to restore from it?, if yes, do I have to shrink the Windows drive first to capacity of my destination drive?, thanks for the info. “Merry Christmas”.

According to my knowledge the drive size doesn’t matter, when you create an image of its content.

AFAIK this is not required.

Merry Christmas!