How to determine value of "Auto" settings in UEFI Bios

Is it possible to check what value a Bios option gets if its set to “Auto”. I’m asking because I have problems to get my DRAM OC stable. Actually I have a semi-stable state while working and playing for hours works fine, even TestMem5 10cycles and GSAT running for 4 hours passes successfully but HCI MemTest throws errors at 1200% coverage and after a cold boot already at 50%.

I have a MSI x470 Gaming Pro Carbon with latest mod version where all options in the OC section are set even all timings are set. There are a lot of optins unset in the unlocked PBS/CBS section. So my idea is that some of these settings get different values on every cold boot what makes the system so inconsequent?!

If I would have access on the bios values I could check if they chnage on startup…

@LillysTittchen - Does auto show the “Value” in the BIOS? If yes, does this change on reboot? If not, set it manually, then you’ll know for sure it’s not changing values.

Maybe @ket knows something for AMD, I only know Intel tools that show this kind of thing. AIDA64 (in chipset >> NB or SB whichever has your memory controller) and HWInfo64 (in memory, pick a module) will show you some of the sub-timings, but not usually all

With DRAM set to [Auto] it will default to 1.2v, or when an XMP profile is loaded 1.35 / 1.4v.

@Lost_N_Bios Auto does not show the values…only voltages are shown even when they are set to auto but I have them manually set exclude Vcore because I’m not looking for
Core oc…only DRAM oc.

"If not, set it manually, then you’ll know for sure it’s not changing values."

Like I said I have almost all options manually set but the options in the CBS PBS section are unset because I never heard about them, i.e. Adress bank hash chipset interleaving and some other freaky settings.

@ket I was talking about my DRAM OC settings not the DRAM voltage :smiley:

I guess I’m looking for a mod tool that can read bios values after boot

Few month ago I was messing around with a tool that could read the vram of the bios. Kinda a hex editor…but I don’t remember the name of the tool actually.

Sorry 2@ket @LillysTittchen - I too thought you meant more about memory sub-timings than voltages.

For the CBS, if a value is show, and you think that is changing, set it to what you see, then you will know it’s not changing. If it fails to boot, then you know those shown values are not actually what’s being used/applied (Sometimes this is the case)

There is some memory tool for this/AM4, maybe it’s the one you mentioned, but I don’t use AMD so not sure, I’m betting ket will know what I mean and be able to tell you what it’s called or link it…

Thats the tool I meant:
It might be doing the job I’m looking for but I’m not sure. I first encoutered it while I was reading this post where CodeRush mentioned it: Add option in AMI UEFI bios menu (how to?)

I booted into RU utility and made screenshots of some potentially UEFI variables, i.e. “Setup”. I switched off PSU and booted into RU again to compare the variables in hopes that some values changed but nothing changed. I guess the UEFI variables only store values that are manually set?! Probably only a bios engineer can confirm that…

I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to set the remaining options to whatever if I don’t even know what side effects they have on stability

That’s to test and or make changes, which you can do in BIOS, so not the ideal tool or method for what you want.
This is the one I was thinking of, but I’m not sure if it shows all the settings you want to tinker with and or verify what Auto is using…g-dram-am4.html

I was only suggesting, in BIOS, to change an auto setting to what you see shown beside it as the “possible” setting auto is using, to see if that is the actual setting it’s using or not.