How to extract SN, UUID, etc from BIOS dump

Long story short, I did an undervolt and overclock inside BIOS on my Legion 7i gen 6 (2021) and it didn’t boot anymore and was unable to POST. I backuped the original BIOS with CH341a and flashed factory BIOS which I extracted using InsydeImageExtractor + UEFITool. However, it still didn’t boot so I returned the programmer and was waiting to get the mobo replaced.
As I read through forums, I found out that Lenovo techs always forget to restore SN, etc after the repair hence I’m looking for an approach to extract the board specific infos from the BIOS dump(it’s better if I could also make it boot while at it). If anyone knows how to do it, and is willing to do it for me or teach me about it, I attached the old.bin which is the backup and the BIOS region I extracted from official factory BIOS.(link to official factory BIOS: h_ttps:// in case I did anything wrong with extracting)
I also hope to see some inputs on why mine still failed to POST even after the flash, whether it’s a wrong procedure or something else I missed when programming.
Note: my BIOS chip is XMC XM25QH128AHIG, and I used NeoProgrammer with 0 errors when flashing.

Any help is appreciated! (5.99 MB) (5.97 MB)

A module with the GUID starting with FFF12B8D contains your data.

I see, that’s the VSS Store within the NVRAM volume hence I all have to do is just replacing the padding in factory BIOS with the VSS extracted from my old.bin right?
Also I’m not sure if that’s the place where the bad UV/OC values are stored. Can you take a look at that as well? Thanks in adavnce.

The VSS store of the BIOS dump also contains the overclocking values ​​that made your Lenovo impossible to boot, so this cannot be done. You need to focus on replacing serial numbers.
I’ll see what i can do.

I agree with you.

I’m wondering if it’s possible to edit the UV/OC values in my old dump and restore them to default

I tried doing it using H2O EZE but it force closes whenever I opened up the setup menu section and selected update default…

So I used H2O UVE and it did allow me to edit some values except for CPU/GPU…

Do you still have a programmer? I think I understand something, but I’m afraid it’s not.


My new programmer is coming tomorrow, so I guess I’ll test it out maybe.

It didn’t work sadly

What happens if I add everything except VSS to a clean bios region?
I am attaching another archive. (5.94 MB)

Sorry, the tech came today and got it fixed, SN, and other stuffs are present so no need to manually do it now(glad that they did remember to update the board infos), I didn’t even need to reinstall windows and it’s working out of box. Thanks for your time and effort anyways.