How to extract the Intel ME section of an Acer BIOS?

Hi, I have a new machine, an Aspire 5 (A515-54G) and I’m curious as to how to extract the different sections of the BIOS file, but I can’t seem to find how to anywhere (forgive me if it’s plainly obvious and I missed it :S).

I got the current v1.12 BIOS off of the official support site, it comes as an executable format and after running it (without going through with the flashing) I found in %Temp% the contents of that file, which seem to be the flashing binaries and accompanying libraries. FWUpdLcl.exe is present too, I’m guessing to update ME firmware and all, and I think there are 2 files that actually contain the firmware for the machine, ZAW_multi.fd and ZAW2_multi.fd; but that’s as far as I get.

Trying to load any of them in MEAnalyzer shows no Intel ME firmware is present, so I’m guessing I still need to do something to them to access the interesting bits. Does anyone know how to or can point me in the right direction? I was about to upload the contents of the BIOS upgrade utility along with the firmware files but I can’t get them below the 6MB limit for attachments, so I’m leaving it all here (link is valid for a day I think):

Thanks for your time anyway! I’m looking forward not only to this but to get rid of the Acer loading logo if at all possible, but that’s something for another time haha

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Acer includes the BIOS region only as an update for your system, not the full SPI image.

Oh… don’t they provide updated ME firmware then?

That’s too bad… but I guess I can upgrade it manually now that v14 tools are available :slight_smile:


Hi dear, i am also same problem. I Can’t extract the Me region.
In advanced tab , Me Fw Re-flash need to enable?
ME version 11.
Pls guide how to update Me region?
Via Fpt can update?
Acer nitro vn7-592g lap

Thanks in advanced ! (Plutomaniac).