How to flash a corroupted Winbond W39V040CPZ BIOS chip?

Hello all,

I have an old Asus P5VDC-MX MoBo with the BIOS corrupted. This the Winbond W39V040CPZ BIOS chip


Ihave and had used the CH34IA flasher, but I have searched a lot in the net, but I do not know how to flash such kind of chip.

Evidently I do not see how to do it with the CH34IA. There is any possibility to flas this winbond chip?

Thanks in advance

W39V040CPZ is a parallel chip, most cheap CH341 are configured to SPI (serial).

TL866 has the chip on the compatibility list, flashrom does support it

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Thanks @lfb6 , I will try TL866. I did not know it