How to flash modded bios from .exe (lga771 CPU to 775)


My desktop computer : HP Pavilion a6726fr ( )
Motherboard : Foxconn MCP7AM04H1 (Newark) ( )
CPU I want to be compatible : X5450 (C0 step) - CPUID : 10676

I’m novice. I have found someone who have same problem than me here :

He have attached a "modded bios update " (?) to make lga771 cpu working on this motherboard but I don’t know how to use that. This is only one file named "NEW5.05"

When I unzip the original “.exe” bios file (this one : ) I can see those files : - here I can see the same “NEW5.05” file so should I replace it ? Then compress thoses files to a new “.exe” ?

In fact I don’t really know what to do…

Hello @theophile76 ,

your mainboard cannot afford the 120W of this X5450, only ~95W.
You should better look for an E5450 (E0 stepping) with only 80W.

Or you have to underclock the X5450 to 266 x9 = 2400, but then it isn’t better than the Q6600.
The E5450 you could overclock to 3.6GHz, but maybe no good idea with X5450. Sorry!

I try to put in the MC for that 45nm CPUs (S775+771). It takes a while …
!!! But bofore I need your actual CPU in the PC, because if I remove that, that won’t be good.

The sp43068.exe you could unpack with 7zip and there will be the new5.05 file and the Installer.exe or WinFlash.exe (+.sys/.sys64).
So after updating the BIOS-file, you have to start a cmd and flash it from there inside Windows. → But deactivate AntiVirus while flashing !!!

Or … you could also flash savely with the flash-tool inside your BIOS.
Then you can have a look at the checksums before flashing. It must be “XX 00” (XX for any hex numbers).

Edit: My work is finished. BIOS is updated with MC for S.771/775 45/65W Xeons. Checksum seams to be made, but proof it before flashing.
Do you have interest anymore?

Best regards, MiMo




Hello, big thank for your work.
I had buy a Q9550 so now I dont need to flash it anymore. Or do you think I can have better performlance with E5450 ?

the C2Q Q9550 has nearly similar performance / power consumption to Xeon E5450.
http :// ww
And the Q9550 has 2 more additional instructions.
There’s no need to flash until you want to actualize the microcodes for the Q9550.

Ok thank you for your work anyway.
So I will not flash it.