How to Flash Rocket 640L Firmware?

Hello, maybe someone here knows how to flash the Bios HighPoint Rocket 640L correctly. I get a little confused. How must the command line be written correctly so that the controller is bootable again.
I have the following to choose from. I have a clean DOS boot floppy.

eadme file for RocketRAID 640L Controller BIOS

Copyright (C) HighPoint Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved.
Last updated on May 13, 2016.

Please review this file for important information about compatibility issues and
differences in operation that were discovered after our product manuals were
created. In case of conflict among various parts of the documentation set, this
file contains the most current information.

Note: The latest firmware and product documentation will be available for
download at

This file is divided into the following major sections:

1. Software Version
2. Files Listing
3. Updating BIOS
4. Revision History

1. Software Version
BIOS version: v1.5

2. Files Listing
Readme.txt This file
load.exe Flash utility for DOS
rr640l.v15 BIOS image file for RR640L
640lload.100 Autoloader for RR640L

3. Updating BIOS
The flash utility (load.exe) is used to update controller BIOS.
load.exe must run under pure DOS environment. It cannot run in a DOS box
on Windows system. You should boot from a DOS floppy without any device

The following command line is used to launch the flash utility:

load.exe [options] [filename]

Command line options:

/A Update Autoload.

/Q Silent mode. The program will not prompt for you to
confirm the flashing process.

/V Verbose mode. The program will show more detailed
information about the flashing process.

/S <bus> Only search adapters on specified PCI bus. <bus>
specifies the PCI bus number (a value from 0 to 255).

/D <device> Only search adapters for specified PCI device number.
<device> specifies the PCI device number (a value from
0 to 31).

/C Configure BIOS parameters before updating.

I hope there is anybody how can tell me the right way.

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load.exe /A 640lload.100

Thank you for your quick answer.
Everything done like this, the message passed, but the controller does not appear at the start to get into the setup.



This autoloader is a 4KB file with ~110 bytes of somthing in it, rest is "FF"


So it seems you should flash both the bios and the autoloader. (You’re sure you want a legacy bios/rom, and aren’t booting in UEFI?)

You did “load.exe /A 640lload.100” successfully, so

- try a “load rr640l.v15” and post pics of the result

- post a link/ attach the backup that you made, just out of couriousity

Good news the Bios 1.5 screen is back. But he didn’t find any ATA Drive