How to get a Samsung SM951 AHCI PCIe SSD bootable with an Intel P45 system?

I have UEFI-bios P5Q-Deluxe v2201, how do I update the driver samsung_m2_dxe in my bios to boot from the disc Samsung SM951 AHCI SSD?

@vzuenok :
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Where is it and where did you get it? Only newer Intel chipset mainboards from 6-Series up have an UEFI BIOS.

The BIOS module named SAMSUNG_M2_DXE is an EFI one and only usable with an UEFI capable system (for details please read the start post of >this< thread). So it will be useless to insert it into the BIOS of your ASUS P5Q mainboard.
You only have a chance to use a PCIe connected SSD as bootable device, if the SSD Controller chip contains a “LEGACY mode” Option ROM module.
So there is nothing to do with the mainboard BIOS. Either the SSD will be natively bootable (if it has a suitable Option ROM within the chip) or you don’t have any chance to get it bootable with your current system.

Dieter (alias Fernando)… link to download rom…SLanguage=en-us - link to official site asus modded uefi bios - links to download broken, I can send to you this ROM’s

I tried to mod the UEFI-BIOS, this manual, I add driver SAMSUNG_M2_DXE to ROM UEFI-BIOS, but my disk SM951 no-bootable.

@vzuenok :
Thanks for the links. I didn’t know, that there are UEFI BIOSes available for Intel P45 chipset mainboards.
Nevertheless: The UEFI BIOS v2201 seems to have very limited support of EFI modules. I didn’t even find an Intel EFI RAID module (“RaidDriver”/“SataDriver”) within it.
If you have inserted the SAMSUNG_M2_DXE module into the BIOS according my guide, but didn’t get the SSD bootable, I am sorry, but cannot help you.