How to get an NVMe SSD bootable with Windows XP?

does somebody know,
which files in Bios are needed for full legacy CSM support?
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I want to enable nvme support on an UEFI Bios
also for legacy OS, like XP, Win7, Win8
for older motherboards

@Lost_N_BIOS What @diderius6 needs is a bridge between “Legacy” mode on UEFI board, and NVMe OS boot (formatted to MBR/with old OS).

In short : Is there a module that can recognise NVMe drive with OS as bootable without the need of switching on (U)EFI mode from Legacy one ?

The easiest and safest method for users, who want to get Windows XP installed onto an NVMe SSD and to be able to boot off that Disk Drive, is to use the Samsung 950 PRO SSD, whose NVMe Controller chip natively contains the required NVMe Option ROM module.

@diderius6 @agentx007
I have moved this discussion into the “OS related Topics” Forum section, because it has not much to do with the Sub-Forum “[HOW-TO’s] NVMe Support for old Systems”.

Problem is, you can’t use AHCI PCIe M.2 drives on XP, because there is no native driver for it :frowning:
Unless someone moded open source one ?

@agentx007 :
As far as I understood diderius6, the topic of this thread is only about SSDs, which support the NVMe protocol.

Sorry, you are correct. When you brought up 950 Pro I thought (wrongly) that it was AHCI type drive…
Well, I do own SM951 AHCI, so that’s probably the cause of my confusion.

Still… I want M$-native like AHCI for XP :confused: