How to get Intel RSTe with software into windows 10

My specs: Maximus Vii Hero (z97), i7 4790k, Gskill Tridentx 2400mhz (16gb), Msi Gaming 4 GTX 980, 2x SSD 256gb Raid0 (stripe 64kb). OS windows 10074 pro.

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Question - Noting my specs above, I cannot get Intel RST(e) driver v13.2.4.1000 & software installed. I keep getting the .net 4.5 error. Is there any way around this? I can probably force the driver but that will not solve the software/utility issue.



I’ve have had this error with those software:

The solution : use third party tool 7-ZIP (not the windows zip…) and extract SetupRST.EXE file into folder.

You will have 2 files ( x86 and x64)

Open their compatibility properties to change to open with previous windows version

Then you will be able to install the software


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The problem is caused by the Intel RST installer, which searches for .NET Framework 4.5, but cannot find it (Win10 uses .NET Framework 4.6).
As Toon7676 has already posted, you have to run the extracted .msi file in compatibility mode.
>Here< is the detailed description of the solution.
By the way: The extraction of the .msi file from the Intel RST Drivers & Software Set is not required, if you download the desired original “Universal 32/64bit Intel RST Software”, which you can find within the start post of >this< thread.

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