How to get NVRAM token value from dell bios Alienware_Aurora_R9

The pc is dell bios (Alienware_Aurora_R9) and this has no keyboard attached with it and also has no USB drive right now in my hand. I want to change its SMM and Bios lock to disabled where I can flash it via FPT, I know GRUB and RU method can do that but you know without keyboard and USB, GRUB and RU not possible.

So what I trying to do is(if possible) collecting the NVRAM.txt and than change bios lock there and flash the NVRAM but that Alienware_Aurora_R9 not allowing me to extract Full NVRAM details, it just extracting few values of NVRAM(not much) and bios lock value not included in there(NVRAM.txt attached).
So I decide(not sure if that works) manually add Bios lock values in to NVRAM.txt and than flash it, BUT for this I need token value of nvram Bios lock and SMM lock before flash, because without it, it will not flash bios lock correctly.

I manage to get bios lock - SMM lock’s nvram values like “Class” “FORM ID” “GUID” and “Offset” from dumped bios.bin(bios file attached) but still did not success to get token value of SMM and bios lock
is it possible to get token value from dumped bios.bin?

nvram.txt (3.32 KB)

bios.part1.rar (5 MB)

bios.part2.rar (1.66 MB)