How to get the latest Firmware for a Samsung SSD?

Hi, Looking for EMT03B6Q firmware for this ssd. Currently EMT02B6Q is installed and samsung firmware page doesn’t have latest firmware listed there. Thanks
Having CS:GO slow loading/delay when first time launch but normal loading second or third time no delay. Seems firmware might solve this issue

Edit by Fernando: Thread title customized (the answer doesn’t depend on the data transfer protocol or the model of the SSD)

The answer is rather simple: Install the latest version of Samsung’s SSD Tool named Magician. After having run it you will see, whether a new Firmware for your on-board Samsung SSD is available, and are able to get it flashed from within the program.
Unfortunately only consumer products (Retail versions) among Samsung’s SSDs are supported and not OEM specific products by this Firmware update feature.

May be its different type v-nand with different revisions. Because I first tried Magician that not offering 03B6Q. Saw new 850evo with latest firmware. It suppose to be same v-nand with this model. I’m confused.

Maybe the 03B6Q Firmware is not (yet) good enough for offering it to the public. You should wait a while and then retry to get the latest Firmware for your specific SSD by running Samsung’s Magician.

Well, earliest mentioning of this firmware is late 2017 here:
Samsung V-NAND SSD 850 EVO V2.0 and V3.0 comparative performance test

Stated to be related to different NAND technology (but I don’t know the origin for the tags in the test windows)??

Otherwise 850 series is out of production long time, so I wouldn’t expect any developement.