How to Hide the GUID of an EFI BIOS Module

hi to everyone i need to how to hide a module/block/ GUID that when opening a bin with the uefitool that STRING is not visible even with the p If someone knows how to help me I will be very gratefulhoenix tool. and neither with the uefitool. EXAMPLE PIC=

How to hide GUID.png

please i need to know how to hide a guid / module from a bios.

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@leo037 :
Please let us know the sense of such action.
It is the task of tools like the UEFITool to show the GUIDs of all EFI BIOS modules.

Hello and thanks for answering me, I need to know how to hide a GUID especially because the area where I work there are machines that are blocked and I put my logo on them in particular and there is a lot of competition that grabs those machines and changes the logo and so on. The work is stolen so I would like to know if you know how to hide a block from a binary. It would be very helpful to know how to do that. please help me. or when I create a binary and put my logo on it and the competition steals it from me that bothers me so I would like to know how to hide the GUID only of the logo of each machine example gigabyte or acer or positive bgh or asus etc. help me please.