How to keep a Samsung M.2 SSD cool

First look at Samsung’s new M.2 Cool! :D:







Performance tests coming up next week…

@FirstEver where I can buy Samsung’s M.2 Cool? Can’t find it on amazon/newegg.


just my 2 cents:

The shown m.2 cooling solution is crap in many ways and absolutely not necessary:
- You don’t need active cooling for a SSD. Passive cooling is enough for this kind of consumer SSDs (also for the 960 Pro).
- The fan makes extra noise
- The height is a problem: You can’t use the next PCIe slot
- The fan probably needs an extra cable for power which is a bit stupid when you are using a adapter card which could normally handle this

I bought this adapter which has cooling included:…roducts_id=3659
This solutions makes way more sense cause the back also gets cooled and you can still use the next PCIe slot. Since it sits above the GPU there is enough airflow to cool it.

If you have a m.2 slot on your motherboard or have a adapter card then you should go with something like this:…roducts_id=3660

You can’t buy it at the moment…

I need a thermal camera for my review…
Using infrared thermometer with laser will be lame :stuck_out_tongue:

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