How to open a tab advanched insydeH20? Help

on the main page there is a choice of graphics discret, integrated, switchable, after selecting integrated and save settings, after reboot is still loaded discret, the bios value is also changed to discret

So you can only use default (Switchable) or discrete? Integrated fails to work? I can set that as default, but then you may have no screen if it fails, and will have to blind reflash or blind recover

I think the forced inclusion will not help, are there any other settings or bios items that can affect the inclusion of integrated graphics card ? on gpu i3 379m there is intel hd graphics

automatically set item discret

the device Manager does not show intel hd when you disable the discrete card, but the image is, in a small resolution.

If device manager does not show Intel GPU then it’s disabled and you are then using the other one. After that, you need to install drivers for the other graphics, and then maybe adjust resolution if it does not automatically adjust after installing the drivers.

Integrated means from CPU
Discrete means from other source (chipset or PCI/PCIE card)

to put the driver on the intel hd and it can help you? I in the evening after work I’ll try, after I write

laptop I have a long time, I changed the system several times, was not found hd graphic and unknown devices, put the driver from the official site, draver pack was not changed, today I will try again with the discreet card disabled

Sorry, I’m not 100% sure. What is the model, show me image of GPU-z and CPU-z graphics tab.
They probably do not put drivers for both on the site, since you can’t normally use one or the other. What is the other one, Nvidia? Does your driver page have Nvidia and Intel graphics drivers?

I tried to install the drivers on the chipset, there is no result, the installation of intel hd graphics did not work, the error “the system does not meet the requirements for installation”. my laptop has several versions, my laptop has amd radeon 5470

here’s what works when you disable radeon


Sorry, I can’t read any of that, and it’s an item system properties not overall view of device manager.

Drivers for AMD and Intel should install from the download page for your system. Do that before you disable anything in BIOS, obviously they wont install if item is disabled

in the bios set the default settings, the driver does not rise

I will not distract you, I will dig further, thank you for your help