How to open and modify an HP Z600 non-UEFI BIOS


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I want to update the RST Option ROM on a HP Z600.

Has anyone found a tool to open the .Bin File?
Or has someone a ready BIOS with Option ROM above 11.2?


@Bernd83 :
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Please post the direct link to the BIOS file or attach it as *.zip or *.rar archive.
Then I will check, which BIOS tool can be used to update the Intel RAID ROM module.
1. Which Intel chipset has your system?
2. Are you running your on-board Intel SATA Controller in AHCI or RAID mode (the Intel RAID ROM module will not be used, if the SATA mode has been set to “AHCI”)?

Dieter (alias Fernando)

Here are the Bios Files. and my mainboard infos from SiSoft Sandra
Thank you very much

sp75718.rar (2.29 MB)

Mainboard.rar (13.3 KB)

@Bernd83 :
Thanks for the attached files.
Unfortunately I cannot help you, because the usual BIOS tools don’t work with your extracted HP BIOS files.
Maybe our Guru plutomaniac can help you. He has much more experience with HP BIOSes.

@Bernd83 :
To enhance the chances for you to get help, I have moved our discussion into the Sub-Forum “BIOS Modding Guides and Problems”, started a new thread and gave it a meaningful title.
I hope, that is ok for you.

@plutomaniac :
Can you help Bernd83 to open and modify the LEGACY mode HP BIOS?

I cannot currently check such a thing. Maybe the binary is encrypted. @Pacman will be able to tell you what to do to get the actual image though.

This BIOS was not an easy thing to extract, but i will try some more things.

@ Bernd83

Unfortunately i can’t seem to be able to get a useable SPI image from the bin file.

Good Morning,

thats mean only HP can edit the BIOS File?

Unless plutomaniac or someone else that knows more about HP BIOSes than me can extract it, then yes, it seems only HP would be able to make the modification.

I’ll look into it in case I can figure it out, cannot do it now though. Remind me in two days, unless I reply with some sort of answer before then.