How to remove Bios Password of HP EliteBook Revolve 810 G3 Tablet

please help me out my hp HP EliteBook Revolve 810 G3 Tablet has bios procted i want to remove the bios , when i replaced the OEM bios , the bios has been removed but the problem is its showing machine comitted state error please help me out.

I have unlocked the bios thank you. if any one having same issue please mention i’ll be help you.

Hi , I have the same issue with my G3, just found out that the bios is protected and i am not able to update it to the latest version.

Thank you in advance

Can you boot in Windows?

Sure. I was trying to use the bios update tool provided by hp.

  1. Download Intel CSME System Tools v10 and unpack it.
    2. Go to Intel ME System Tools v10.0 r8\Flash Programming Tool\WIN64 and run in command line with administrative rights:
    fptw64 -bios -d bios.bin
    Make a screenshot of result.
    3. Give me file bios.bin in zip

Thank you for your help


I cannot put a link to the bin file since I am a new member. Maybe after this post :slight_smile:

Here is the link to the .bin file

Good. Now run:
fptw64 -a 0x650000 -l 0x40000 -d test.bin
If all OK, then run:
fptw64 -a 0x650000 -l 0x40000 -f test.bin
Make a screenshot of result.
Give me file test.bin in zip

2nd command with error as seen :


test.bin file here

i only saw now that i can upload directly here (10.7 KB)

Well. As I thought…
Download UEFIVAR and run in command line with administrative rights:
uefivar -l -bd
Make a screenshot of result.
Add all created *.bin files to zip and attach.

C:\Users\andre\Downloads\Uefivar>uefivar -l -bd
Uefi subsystem not found.

Can you boot from other disk in UEFI-mode? E.g. from USB-stick?
I need any EFI-shell

BTW: Cogito ergo sum

I will try to find out how to do this.
regarding cogito / coito - there is a twist - coito/coitus


Otherwise you will need read/write BIOS by a hardware programmer.

I found no way to boot to uefi it beeps and nothing loads W10 as normal. Also in advanced in debug there is no restart in uefi/firmware mode available

Bad news. You can’t reset the password without EFI-shell. E.g. GRUB
So only a hardware programme can you.

Hello sir , can yo help me i get bin file <
i will attach it,
so pleases help me :slight_smile:


replace url with https://

i can access to shell with ubuntu from boot usb