How to reset NVRAM on Insyde Bios (brick recovery Aspire Nitro)


I bricked my laptop by messing around with the wrong values on an unlocked Insyde Bios (overclocking tab)
Any idea,how I can reset my NVRAM?
Are those bios settings that make my pc crash stored on that Winbond SPI chip? If not,where are they?

Thanks a lot!!

Yes, they are stored in SPI chip. Make a backup using external SPI programmer, open it in hex editor, search for NVRAM Variable named Setup and replace it’s contents with a contents of StdDefaults variable or a Setup variable from BIOS update binary. Don’t just overwrite all with update image, valuable DMI info and/or SLIC/MSDM data will be lost forever this way.

Thank you CodeRush!!! Now I only need to wait for my TL866A from China to arrive.
Also thanks for your advice to only edit NVRAM area.
I have a full 8M Insyde Bios Backup that I could use.I can just flash that back right?
I will do a full current backup in any case.

Do you have any advice to find ICSP bus connection on my laptop mainboard? Until now I couldn’t find it

If you have a full backup, just write it back and that’s it.

I don’t think you have In-Circuit System Programming connector on your laptop board, that is why you need either to use SOIC clip (I’ve bough one from 3M, but it’s expensive as hell, so just buy some chinese crap for 5$, it will work if not used 100 times a day) or desolder the chip, reprogram it and solder it back.

Thanks alot!!