How to set drives as RAID in BIOS?

I am trying to setup RAID in my BIOS using Intel RST

I have my BIOS SATA mode set to RAID mode.

Intel rapid storage technology appears in my BIOS and I can access it:

However I don’t get the typical “Create RAID volume” option and I’m not sure why. The drives are set as AHCI controller type instead of RAID. Not sure if that matters:

I have the newest RST installed in Windows. But once again I don’t have the option to Create RAID Volume. It appears there but it is greyed out.

  • I’ve updated my BIOS to the latest version
  • I’ve tried formatting the drives, as well as leaving them unformatted and unpartitioned

Any help in setting up RAID via the BIOS or Intel RST would be very much appreciated.

Thank you

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Have you already done a look into the related part of the mainboard manual before posting here?
What happens after having selected 2 or more candidates for the creation of a RAID Array?
Good luck!
Dieter (alias Fernando)

No RAID support, as its seems, on that model.
MSI How to setup RAID?