How to unlock Advanced Tab in Ami 2019 Bios

Have Hp laptop hp spectre x360 convertible want to unlock advanced feature tab in bios there are two methods one is via bios modding and another one is via pressing key combination if some can help with this unlocking feature .

hp_x360(backup).rar (3.67 MB)

It can’t be done via BIOS mod, due to this model has HP’s abomination called SureStart, so any BIOS mod will be auto-reflashed on reboot.
So you will have to find hotkey combo if such a thing exists for this model.

You can try these general AMI ones -
On BIOS main page >>
Alt and F1
Shift and F1
Ctrl and F1

Or, Hold shift key down and press F2 , release the keys and hold alt key down and hit F3.

all three above option already tried but did not work

Last option i will try