How to upgrade aptio bios to uefi bios in american megatrends bios?

my motherboard is ECS- P67H2-A3 V1.0

Aptio bios is classic

here you can see this ecs p67h2-a3 BIOS

@monstertruckpa :
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According to my knowledge only the mainboard manufacturer (here: ECS) will be able to do it.
Reason: The whole structure of the BIOS inclusive the system modules have to be customized.
I am sorry, that we cannot help you in tis case.

Dieter (alias Fernando)

Thanks, I thought that this utility "UBU UEFI BIOS Updater" could.

The UBU tool is able to update several modules of an UEFI Bios, but cannot convert a non- UEFI Bios to an UEFI one.